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Manaji Projects is an award winning Labour Hire company servicing the needs of Australia's Civil, Industrial and Mining industries. 

Our team is the powerhouse behind providing your business requirements with the most flexible and approachable arrangements. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional services and a high standard of Labour Hire staff solutions. 

Because we work in the industries and understand the importance of reliability, time management and associated costs with staffing, we are one of this countries preferred suppliers of quality staff resourcing.

We have a wonderful connection with many companies that have always relied on our ability to meet their demands and provide ongoing support in reaching and investing in indigenous staff on many of todays current projects. Our knowledge of Indigenous employment is one of our main strengths and holds us as the preferred option in meeting targets for tenders and social responsibility.

If you would like to know more about what we do as a Labour Hire Service Provider please contact us as we are keen to listen to your needs and build a plan that will compliment your activities and staffing needs.

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