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Celebrate The Little Wins!

We are so fortunate here in Australia to have been able to do as well as we have in regards to the Covid19 health crisis. To even place Australia under the microscope, every person as a collective whole has done extremely well compared to others in different countries, especially our State of Queensland. We've done a fantastic job to contain a healthy mindset which has also allowed us to become an economic and productive region to continue working. Because of our success we are seeing the construction and resource sectors grow and this injects confidence into our local market which also means that employment opportunities are growing. Manaji Projects sees a continued upward trend of demand for Labour Hire and Recruitment Services to supply staff and recruit.

So, from such uncertainty at the start of the year, up until now, we are proud to be part of the growth cycle happening here in Queensland. As cautious as we have to be, we can celebrate the little wins. Well done Australia, well done Queensland. We are open for business.

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