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Movember, we need to talk .....

There seems to be month dedicated to something? And it's always great to see, as it brings awareness to ourselves, to our friends, to our family and to our communities. November is no different, this month it's Movember, an opportunity to openly discuss and highlight the challenges of mens health. We can openly talk about Mens Mental Health, Prostate Cancer, Testicular Cancer and Mens Suicide.

Manaji Projects is a huge supporter of ALL staffing health awareness programs and this is no different. We offer a range of support and not limited by what we know or can offer, we have a holistic approach to our work.

The landscape of our industry is always changing and we see a positive and encouraging change of the Civil Construction and Resource Sector transforming from what used to be a male dominant working industry to a progressive and stronger diverse workforce. But, this month we are encouraged to take some timeout and yarn about mens business.

Always feel that there is an open door policy when it comes to mens health, go to your Managers/Supervisors/Coordinators and take a moment to reflect and seek help if needed.

A safe work environment means you, are also an important part of the business, both mentally and physically.

We value our staff equally and that's important to us when it comes to Movember. Have a great Movember, and please take the time to talk about mens issues/challenges in health.

Sometimes a frank discussion is all it takes to help one another and more importantly it can save a life.

You owe it to yourself, your family, your friends and your workmates. Don't let, keeping your mouth shut be your downfall. You're worth it!!

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