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Summer Health KPI's

As the Spring season begins to fade and the Summer months enter into our busy work life schedule, it's that time as a employer of staff that work in the Civil, Resource and Construction industries to reach out to our employees and see how they are travelling? Are they burning out? Are they focused? What can we do as a company, to ensure that they are safe. What is our game plan to get them across the line before the end of year shutdown? There is also that challenge of knowing that there are staff that will be working through the seasonal break and what are we/you doing to ensure these staff are well prepared?

The start of the Summer season should also be part of the beginning of ensuring health management is a key priority. It's good to step away from the priorities of work KPIs and just focus on the health KPIs of staff. Summer Health KPI's: 1. Mental Health, 2. Physical Health, 3. Family Health, 4. Friends Health, 5. Colleague Relationship Health. Just don't rely on the "End of Year" work celebrations to be the fixer, make sure you lead up to it in a positive manner and if you're the Director, Manager, Supervisor etc looking after your crews, be that leader that does the 'One on Ones' with staff. It's been a tough year, make sure your staff this Summer have reached or on track to reach their Summer Health KPI's.

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