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Critical Learning

At Manaji Projects (Cultural Heritage Management) we have identified that it is important that we take the time to invest in our staff and empower each Traditional Owner with the ability to grow their knowledge in the work they perform.

We have incorporated a Critical Learning phase.

Each and everyday the Traditional Owners walk on country to find and locate important artefacts that belong to their ancestors and to collect them for safe storage.

What we have now introduced is a training course, supported by our clients/stakeholders and lead by one of Australia's leading Professors in Archeology research.

This training allows the TO's to collect the data and process the artefacts in a more formal and systematic procedure that really places a higher value to what they have learnt in a training environment at the forefront of their roles and capabilities.

By conducting these training courses we have seen our staff become leaders and set the highest standard in Cultural Heritage management in the regions Manaji Projects is engaged.

Critical Learning is a valuable initiative that Manaji Projects identified as an opportunity to ensure our staff are empowered through education.

Manaji Projects acknowledges our client and stakeholders who allowed us to develop and implement this specific training course that our staff and TO's have completed.

Each of the TO's are now able to confidently apply their cultural knowledge and newly acquired training together and become even more confident in the field of Cultural Heritage.

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