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Same - Same, But Different

In a world where we might be looking to explore new opportunities for employment. A key factor in todays decisions might not be about your qualifications or experience. If you're being interviewed or made it to the (face to face) interview stage/s you've done well so far.

When you're at the interview table/room, more than likely your skills, experience and qualifications are irrelevant right now, any candidate that has been interviewed before you or being interviewed after you, all have the same capabilities.

Your character is now being interviewed, your ability to fit into the companies work culture is now on show.

So what makes you different, what can you bring to the company that isn't already there?

If the business/company is a progressive one they want individuals with quirks that will benefit them. Not weird quirks, but a personality that will benefit the team and give them a different flavour thats better than vanilla.

So research the company you are wanting to be a part of, but don't forget, also research it for the things that they don't have as well, your personality is key now.

We know how good you are, that's why you're in the interview stage.

We want to know how different you are, thats the key. Give the interviewer something that they didn't know that they needed.

Walk away from the interview with them wanting what you have.

So be different, because no-one wants the same.

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