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The Passing of Knowledge

As part of the Manaji family I am honoured to be amongst some of the most valued and respected people within this company/industry. I love the energy and the ability of learning on a continual basis. We have Aunts and Uncles that will always take the time to explain and pass on knowledge and Wisdom.

These Elders may not be a direct link to my Country, but that doesn't reduce the connection or importance of culture we ALL share.

I suppose that's the care our business has, no matter who you are in this sometimes crazy Manaji nest, when a Knowledge Holder speaks, I listen and learn.

Of course we have times that messages from our Director and Managers are highly important and that needs to be respected, then there are the times when our Director and Managers will sit quietly in the presence of the Elders (Aunties and Uncles) and respectfully listen, learn and be guided from them and introduce their ideas and knowledge into the business.

It has always been this way, mixing the two worlds we live in is important and knowing when to step into one and step out of the other makes us, as a business, stronger and adds those extra layers of respect.

Knowledge is powerful, it is what we want to empower each other and make us a better human and an important part of the Manaji Mob. "Listen, Learn and Pass On"

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