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2021, It's a Slow Burn

As we venture into the end of this year, there are companies and businesses that have closed due to the environment that was 2020.

It's heartbreaking to watch a business close because of the unseen, the unknown. There was and is still a human side to all of this that has forced us to realise that behind every shopfront, lives real people with raw emotions, doing great things and for that we want to acknowledge those that were affected.

Here at Manaji Projects we have been fortunate to be in an industry that was reliant on keeping the cogs turning and stimulating the economy as best we could.

It also came down to the vision and direction of the Director (Derek Flucker) and having a forward thinking team that planned ahead and saw an opportunity to grow, yet, gather those around us and provide a helping hand when and where we could.

So how does our 2021 footprint look?

It looks strong, it feels strong, we've done everything expected of us now to ensure that we are ready for what a new year can deliver.

Our Cultural Heritage Management Services is growing, our Labour Hire Services are expanding which is a combination of market confidence in the Civil Construction and Resource Industry and valuable new/existing clients see us as a partner rather than a service or a solution.

I call this a Slow Burn, these are the best types of working relationships, ones that grow and build different layers that go way beyond just a chance meeting or a sales pitch.

We have all worked hard to prove ourselves and it has taken us years to perfect our services, our image and more than anything our reputation for delivering a quality working relationship.

As an indigenous business that values its relationships with our partners, we will be entering the new year with the same vision, and understanding the lessons and teachings that 2020 offered.

This year hasn't finished yet and we expect that there are still lessons and teachings for us to apply.

But at least we take the time to listen and allow that Slow Burn to happen.

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