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A Fine Line

The Mining and Resource sector are always continuing to want to improve from the past to ensure that the future is a better place. Australia is rich in natural resources, but abundantly rich in an ancient culture deeply seeded in indigenous history than anywhere else on the planet. As the oldest, continuing culture left on the planet we have an obligation to ensure its past is also here in our future. Mining companies understand that they have a social responsibility to ensure that the protection of the environment they work in is left with a footprint that is minimal.

For Traditional Owners (TO's) where the mining operations exist, they work in these industries that we call 'A Fine Line.'

TO's that live within these areas also work and watch what is happening to their land (country) and are impacted emotionally. Manaji Projects understands these emotions and with the support of our clients and stakeholders we are able to ensure that all involved are empowered to make the correct decisions that are critical, ethical and reflect the needs of the regions Traditional Owner groups and wider community expectations.

By having the TO's take control of their country that the mining groups work on, they are empowered to ensure that all Cultural Heritage found is protected and accounted for through a rigorous process to ensure that every Cultural Heritage artefact that is located is identified and managed in a way that ensures its safe return to country once mining operations are finished.

This brings a big sense of relief and pride, knowing that they are the protectors of their Ancestors, their Culture and their future.

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