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It's Never A Once A Year Conversation

With all that 2020 has thrown at us, R U OK has never been more important than now. We all have our challenges, we all have our battles.

For everyone that may suffer from anxiety and/or depression or any Mental Health, we know it's a conversation that is needing to be had on a regular basis just not on one day of the year.

At Manaji Projects most of our staff work in remote locations for long periods of time, away from family and friends.

We look into our structure to ensure that we have the right training and right support programs in place that strengthen our employees and support their families.

Indigenous Australia has one of the worlds highest Suicide rates and it is something that we are well aware of and take seriously.

We have a culture that allows our employees to speak freely and open about their challenges in discussions and we will never, ever hold anybody accountable for having that yarn and letting them get any issues off their chest.

We are more than work colleagues we are family and have built a culture of acceptance and inclusion of everyone.

Ultimately, if we have an open minds culture, we have a safer workplace and a company that is highly valued for it's social responsibility towards Mental Health.

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